COVID-19 Preparedness Leads To Cash Crunch For Hospitals Print E-mail
Written by Lynn Hatter | Health News Florida   
Monday, 06 April 2020 17:02

Florida’s hospitals are under capacity as they anticipate a rise in COVID-19 patients within the month. The lack of patients, coupled with increased spending to bulk up on supplies, has some of these hospitals furloughing their staff. Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami is the state’s largest, with nearly 800 beds. Many of those beds, about 370 of them, are empty according to state data as of Friday morning. Some nurses are being told to stay home for now.

“And we’re like, ‘are you crazy?’ This is not a time to be furloughing nurses, we need to be training them and if we’re lucky enough to have 4 weeks of peace, we can train them well," said Martha Baker, a Jackson Memorial nurse and local union president. Baker lamented about the plight in a recent conference call hosted by the SEIU, an employee union.

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It's going to get worse before it gets better Print E-mail
Written by Week in Review   
Monday, 30 March 2020 16:58

President Announces Social Distancing Policy Extended to Apr. 30
Shuttering of economy continues while case counts skyrocket
NYC, New Orleans and other hot pockets suffer shortages and capacity issues
Reuters via National Post 
Cigna, Humana become newest major insurers to cover COVID-19 treatment costs 
Congress passes key legislation that includes billions for U.S. hospitals
Debate rages on how long the lock down should continue
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The COVID-19 Health Crisis Escalates as Nation Faces Coronavirus Lockdown Print E-mail
Written by FHI's Week in Review   
Monday, 23 March 2020 18:56

Legislators in D.C. Work on Economic Stimulus Package
South Florida Non-Essential Businesses Closed

Existing drugs could be successfully re-purposed for COVID-19 Treatment

President Announces '15 Days to Slow the Spread' Initiative

Vaccine could be 18 months away

Financial Markets Tumble as Another Recession Appears Inevitable
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Doctors go back to school to learn the business of medicine Print E-mail
Written by FHI's Week in Review   
Monday, 09 March 2020 18:10

Joanne Finnegan contributes an excellent article, for Fierce Healthcare on March 5, featuring various physicians who have returned to school for an MBA. Most doctors would rather not have to worry about the business of running a healthcare organization and would prefer to focus on taking care of patients, says Aaron Hattaway, MD, a Florida radiologist, who is a current student in the physician MBA program and expects to graduate in May. But in today's world, "you better learn it," he advises. "It's what runs the world."

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