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Ensuring Patient Compliance with Imaging Orders Print E-mail
Written by Jeffrey Herschler   
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 09:38

It’s no secret. Results from Diagnostic Imaging are a fundamental part of a patient’s health record. Essential to patient care and risk management, including Radiologist’s reports in a chart is good business for primary care and specialists alike. Here are five rules to assuring Patient Compliance with Imaging Orders:

  • Schedule the appointment for the patient; give him/her an appointment card
  • Initiate the Authorization Process and advise patient of projected out-of-pocket costs
  • Make sure the patient is clear on the IDTF’s location; if the IDTF offers free transportation, let the patient know
  • Advise the patient of the IDTF’s credentials; your patient trusts you and will now have added confidence in your recommendation
  • Let the patient know what the follow-up will be following the test; remind the patient that a complete diagnosis is essential to implementation of an effective treatment plan

Following these simple rules will result in improved patient compliance, reduced risk and better patient care. These outcomes are consistent with Best Practices. Providers who embrace Best Practices consistently outperform their peers in growth and profitability. It’s that simple.

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