Trump Administration and Democrats Return Health Law to Political Center Stage Print
Written by Julie Rovner | KHN   
Friday, 29 March 2019 16:10
Healthcare has returned in force as the dominant political issue in Washington, reflecting what voters have been telling pollsters for the past year. The Trump administration moved Monday night to get more in line with President Donald Trump's voter base by endorsing a Texas federal  judge's December opinion that the entire Affordable Care Act should be struck down as unconstitutional. After he arrived at the Capitol for lunch with Republican senators Tuesday, Trump endorsed the change, suggesting it will usher in Republican priorities instead. Less than two hours later, House Democrats unveiled their proposals to not only protect the health law, but also expand it - including extending help paying premiums and other costs to families higher up the income scale than those now eligible and reinstating cuts made by the administration for outreach to help people sign up for coverage. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that, since taking control of the House in January, Democrats have been fighting to preserve the health law and "voted on Day One" to file a motion in the Texas court case to support the ACA.

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