Implementing Threat-Based Cybersecurity to Secure Patient Care Innovation Print
Written by BDO   
Friday, 21 September 2018 11:34
Technology has brought healthcare to consumers' fingertips, putting them at the nucleus of care and blurring the definition of a healthcare organization. This creates unique opportunities and threats within the industry. In fact, U.S. healthcare organizations reported 176 large-scale data breaches in the first half of the year. Threat-based cybersecurity can be used to help address these vulnerabilities. Threat-based cybersecurity is a forward-looking, predictive approach. Instead of (or in addition to) focusing solely on protecting critical data assets or following the basic script of a generic cyber program, threat-based cybersecurity concentrates on investments in the most likely risks and attack vectors based on your company's unique threat profile. Please download the insight for more information.

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