Job Descriptions and Performance Appraisals - Who Needs 'Em?! (Part II) Print
Written by M. Alexandra Johnson, FACHE and Wilma N. Torres, CPC   
Sunday, 29 July 2012 00:00

This is part II of our four-part series on job descriptions and performance appraisals. Monday, we discussed the importance of job descriptions and how to craft them. Our discussion left off after an in-depth look at the essential functions or tasks for the position. Today, we'll look at the other requirements.

Work environment is key to conveying the conditions under which the employee will perform the work. For example, the phrase "demanding and fast-paced environment" gives the employee a good idea of what to expect. Clarifying physical demands is also paramount to preparing the candidate for the position. If an essential function of the position entails lifting large boxes, specify the weight.

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